Medical residents: the need to address regulatory difficulties early

It’s critically important for medical residents who find themselves in academic or professional difficulty to address the problem early and head-on, says Lonny Rosen.

“It’s challenging to complete a medical residency program, but when residents encounter problems, it’s vital that they address the situation quickly in order to try to get back on track, otherwise, they may find themselves in a cycle of failure that could ultimately result in their dismissal from the residency program.”

The assistance of legal counsel, experienced in such matters, can be a significant factor in preventing or stopping this cycle before it is too late, he adds.

In this matter, a medical resident requested a judicial review of a decision by the Academic Appeals Committee of the Governing Counsel of the University of Toronto, after he had been dismissed from a residency program at the faculty of medicine, says the court ruling. The school held that the resident “failed to achieve the requirements of a remediation plan intended to rectify his deficient performance,” it says.

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