Declarations for OHIP: Doctors’ duties

When patients seek treatment outside of Ontario for a medical condition, they often seek coverage from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, as the cost of medical treatment can be extremely high. In order to obtain such coverage, patients require a declaration from a physician in Ontario, attesting to a number of factors, including the medical necessity and appropriateness of the treatment, the availability of the treatment in Ontario, and the risks to the patient that would result from the delay in awaiting treatment in Ontario.

signing document

Doctors are therefore often under intense pressure from patients to sign forms to support their efforts to have out-of-country treatment funded by OHIP, and they¬†may well want to support their patients in this regard, particularly since the costs of such treatment can be astronomical. But doctors must in all cases ensure that they truly believe what they are declaring to be true, and that they balance their duty to advocate for their patient with their overarching duties of professionalism and honesty…Read More


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