Erin and Elyse speak at Infonex April 4th -5th

From Aprill 4th -5th, Erin and Elyse will be speaking at Infonex Professional Development.

Elyse will be speaking on Writing Reasons Right: Avoiding the Serious Consequences of Inadequate Reasons. She will be addressing:

  • Legal obligations of a committee to provide adequate reasons for decisions
  • Effectively communicating the decision and the reasons for the decision
  • Articulating findings of credibility and assessments of expert evidence
  • Responding to procedural, legal and constitutional issues; evaluating adequacy
  • Demonstrating that evidence/submissions have been heard and considered
  • Understanding the consequences of providing inadequate reasons

Erin will be presenting on Privacy Audits: How Well Are You Protecting Member Privacy? She will be addressing:

  • Privacy best practices: lessons from Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Security of personal information/personal health information: guidance on assessing administrative, technical and physical safeguards
  • Transparency and privacy in investigative and disciplinary processes: how to balance privacy and confidentiality concerns of members, complainants and others, with transparency and public disclosure

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