Civil Litigation

When health care professionals are involved in civil litigation, in addition to dealing with the claim, they cannot ignore their professional obligations or the regulatory scheme from within which the practice. Health law expertise is integral to the careful conduct of any litigation involving health care professionals.

Disputes over ownership of records, professional obligations, partnership and association agreements, employment/wrongful dismissal, inappropriate conduct or competition, and even defamatory statements are, unfortunately, common for health professionals and individuals and businesses operating in the health care environment.  We assist individuals, businesses, health care facilities and professionals with the resolution of all manner of disputes Рbut always with an eye towards the professional and regulatory aspects of the case.

Civil litigation proceedings can arise from any dispute or action, but when a health care professional is involved, related College proceedings can also arise. Care must therefore be taken in the defence or prosecution of any action to ensure that the professional complies with his or her professional obligations, and that the position taken in both matters is consistent. Experienced health law counsel can help to ensure that litigation is not prosecuted or defended in a manner that will create College difficulties down the road.

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