College Discipline Proceedings

When your licence to practice your profession is on the line, your first line of defense is expert counsel who assist in college discipline proceedings, appreciate what is at stake, and will mount the defense necessary.

The referral of allegations of professional misconduct to the Discipline Committee of the College commences what is likely the most significant and terrifying course of events in a health professional’s career. The first step in navigating this ordeal should be the engagement of experienced counsel who will ensure fairness for the client and provide the advice and representation required throughout the process.

We review the available disclosure, and offer advice as to the strength of the College’s case, the defences available and any opportunities for resolution that will keep the professional in practice with as little interruption as possible.  When resolution is not available or advisable, we will commit to seeing the professional through the proceedings with exhaustive preparation, a fearless defense, and sound advice throughout. We know what is at stake, and will do what is necessary to protect the livelihoods of our clients.

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