Health College Complaints

Get the right advice to keep a minor complaint from turning into a major headache.

When a health care professional is invited to respond to a complaint, his or her next move could determine whether the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (“ICRC”) of the College: takes no further action (the best possible outcome); expands the inquiry by ordering an investigation; issues advice or a caution; or refers allegations of professional misconduct to the Discipline Committee of the College.

Our approach is to help our clients respond in a manner that will conclude the inquiry as quickly and painlessly as possible, whether by advocating for the dismissal of a complaint without merit, by crafting a solution that will be attractive to the ICRC and justifiable on review, or by helping the client to be in the best position to defend himself or herself if discipline proceedings appear to be an inevitable outcome.

Based on years of experience in dealing with all health college complaints and our knowledge of health care professionals’ practice environments, we provide the sound, practical and objective advice that only health law counsel can offer.

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