Health Professional Employment Disputes

When health professionals are embroiled in employment disputes (on either end), their professional obligations and accountability, must trump legal rights and business interests.

Like any manager or business person, a health care professional who operates his or her own practice or business, or who takes on a leadership role in an organization, must occasionally deal with employment issues.  But unlike other managers, the failure to appropriately manage an employee’s termination could lead to College problems. And the suspension or termination of employment of a regulated health professional may trigger reporting obligations.  Similarly, a health care professional who is an employee must have regard for the potential College inquiry and proceedings that could result from the suspension or termination of such employment.

There is often an alternative that will allow the parties to move forward without inviting further difficulties. Speaking with health law counsel at the outset (or at least before any decision is made) can often head off such difficulties, and will ensure that you can make an informed decision, with a clear understanding of your rights and obligations.

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