Hospital Privileges Disputes and Challenges

When a physician is identified as ‘disruptive’, it need not be a terminal diagnosis, but urgent intervention is required!

In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the relationships between hospital administrations and their medical staff – both in terms of tolerance of behavior, which years ago may not have been the subject of complaint, and the actions taken in response to same.

Hospital administrators find themselves under significant pressure to address issues of patient safety and health professional behavior and this has resulted in enhanced vigilance in responding to virtually all complaints about staff behaviour, often utilizing the recently published Guidebook for Managing Disruptive Physician Behaviour. With mandatory reporting of professionals to their College in the event of any interference with hospital privileges, and with any such action being communicated to all other and future hospitals to which professionals apply to work, the consequences of any hospital privileges proceedings can be long-lasting and devastating.  Health professionals still have significant protections accorded to them under hospital by-laws and the Public Hospitals Act (PHA).

As counsel who are knowledgeable about hospital law and experienced in hospital privileges disputes, we can help restore the professional – administration relationship without the necessity of PHA proceedings, and can help staff and administrators see such proceedings through to completion, through decision or resolution, with as little disruption as possible.

We are available to assist staff in responding to hospital privileges disputes, complaints and hospital investigations and reviews, and to represent all staff in proceedings before the Medical Advisory Committee, the hospital’s board, or the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board.

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