HPARB / HSARB Proceedings

Be it a complaint review, a hearing regarding your registration or hospital privileges or an appeal with respect to OHIP funding or an IHF, proceedings before HPARB and HSARB require counsel familiar with the relevant legislation and the Board’s practices.

The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) and the Health Services Appeal and Review Board (HSARB) are specialized tribunals who, pursuant to a number of statutes, conduct various proceedings including appeals, hearings, oral reviews and written reviews.  Identifying why HSARB or HPARB should uphold or overturn a decision of a College Committee, OHIP or Hospital Board, and how this can be done within the confines of the law and jurisprudence, is crucial to a positive outcome.

Working with counsel experienced with HPARB/HSARB and with the decision-making process that led to the appeal or review is imperative.  We understand the nuances of the various legislative regimes, which govern these Boards and provide them with their jurisdiction.  We will guide you through the relevant process and assist you in presenting a reasonable and effective argument.

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