Registration Committee Proceedings

To be able to get ahead, you first have to get started.

No matter how well you did in school or your entrance exams, in order to practice a regulated profession, you need to be granted registration by your licensing body.  While seemingly simple, the registration committee proceedings process can be fraught with difficulties and land mines.  Even one inaccurate answer to a question on your application can at best delay your application and at worst, prevent you from becoming registered at all.

Whether you undertook training in another jurisdiction, had health or behavioural issues in your past or are simply unsure about how to answer those difficult application questions, working with counsel on your application can assist you in putting your best foot forward from the outset.

And, if you are concerned about the way your application is being processed or have even been denied registration, we can assist you in understanding your options and working with you to try to ensure that you obtain that final, and all-important step, in your career path.

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