Medically assisted dying should be part of health-care decisions

Medically assisted dying for people who suffer from mental illness is a complicated issue, Elyse Sunshine tells Zoomer Radio.

Providing medical assistance in dying, also known as MAID, to people who suffer from a mental illness is a multifaceted topic but in law, generally speaking, the difficulty stems from the fact that most people suffering from mental illness cannot consent and whether they can meet the test for grievous and irremediable medical conditions, she tells

“This is one of the main concerns about providing medical assistance in dying to people with an incurable mental illness,” says Sunshine, who spoke during a recent roundtable discussion about the medical, legal and religious issues and ethics involved in medically assisted dying during the Family On Air show.

The federal law dealing with medically assisted dying came into effect June 17, 2016, in response to a Supreme Court of Canada’s decision declaring down the Canadian Criminal Code prohibitions on MAID as unconstitutional in certain circumstances.

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