“Pharmacy regulation system not broken” – Elyse Sunshine on pharmacy fraud

Elyse Sunshine was quoted in an article reviewing a story in the Globe and Mail suggesting that fraud in the Canadian pharmacy system is “rampant” and is the sign of a broken regulatory system. Based on her experience representing and advising pharmacists and other health care providers, Sunshine noted: “Certainly there are bad apples in any profession but I don’t think you can paint the whole profession by a few of those bad apples…It’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but to say it’s rampant, particularly in Ontario, isn’t fair.”

Sunshine says the argument being made that the College of Pharmacists isn’t doing enough to deal with its members and works to protect those it oversees isn’t the case by her experience. She advises pharmacists to be careful not to get lax with their regulatory requirements, particularly as they relate to record keeping and documentation.

Please see the complete article here.

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