Confronting the Challenges Concerning Costs: Current Issues in Cost Sanctions Relating to Professional Discipline Proceedings

October 8, 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

As Jessie J once sang, “it’s not about the money money money.” But no one can ignore the fact that processional discipline proceedings are costly endeavors for everyone involved. While it may be fairly common for professional regulators to have the power to recoup some of the costs involved in investigating and prosecuting registrants, regulators have recently faced significant legal challenges to cost awards and even to their ability to award costs in the first place.

As complex investigations and prosecutions become more common, we are seeing attempts by regulators to offset these costs through higher cost awards. With increased cost awards has come greater scrutiny of, and creative challenges to, cost provisions and awards.

This session will feature an overview of important cost principles, and lessons learned from recent cases and will cover on-trend topics such as:

  • An analysis of the kinds of cases that attract higher costs awards
  • Practical tips on building a record to minimize the risk of interference with a costs award
  • Considerations for the enforcement of costs awards

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