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For Health Care Providers

You and your staff know what you need to know in order to provide excellent care and treatment to your clients. But do you know what you need to know to deliver services in a legally-compliant manner?

Health care professionals, providers and their staff have to comply with an ever increasing array of laws, professional standards and institutional protocols and policies in the delivery of health care services. They must constantly manage issues related to privacy, consent to treatment and records management. They are required to comply with a myriad professional obligations, including making mandatory reports, ensuring a harassment and violence-free workplace, and compliance with human rights codes. Managing these legal obligations can be stressful and time-consuming, but without the necessary training and appropriate policies, providers are at significant risk.

We can arm your staff with the knowledge they require to enable you to deliver services in a legally compliant manner. Our customized health care workshops can be designed specifically for managers, professionals, clerical or administrative staff, or aimed at all members of an organization. They are tailor-made to address the unique challenges faces by any provider. In all of our workshops, we provide the basics of the law and practical solutions to the challenges of complying with applicable laws and professional standards. Our most frequently requested workshops are:

Privacy Training
The Next Step Towards Privacy Compliance

Consent, Capacity and Substitute Decision-Making
What Health Care Providers and Their Staff Need to know

The Challenge of a Broken Family: Privacy and Consent

Understanding the Role of the care Provider When Family Disputes Arise

Workplace Violence and Harassment
What Health Care Providers Need to Know

Record Keeping and Requests for Records
What Professional and Administrative Staff Need to Know


Lonny and Elyse are also available to present on any of the following topics:


What Past Participants Have Said About Our Training:

“As you know change is not always accepted easily.  It really means a fundamental change to what we are currently doing”


“The training session went very well.  Your presentation was very thorough and comprehensive and dealt directly with the situations that arise in integrated agencies as they carry out their day-to-day work.”


“Thank you so much for the information you provided regarding PHIPA – it was very enlightening for our staff. You were well prepared regarding our Agency and staff has commented on that.”


What Does It Cost?

We would be please to provide a quote for any of our customized workshops. We can work within your budget! The cost will depend on:

  • The length of the workshop
  • Whether travel time is required
  • The number of topics covered
  • The technology required (for Web-based training)


If you would like to ensure that your staff have the knowledge and tools they need to deliver services in a compliance with Ontario’s health care and privacy legislation and their professional standards, please contact us.

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