Privacy Training

The Next Step Towards Privacy Compliance

Providers of health care services in Ontario are responsible for safeguarding the personal health information (PHI) they collect, use and disclose, and for dealing with privacy challenges as they arise. An organization’s frontline workers collect and disclose PHI on behalf of the health care providers. Unless your staff have sufficient privacy training and knowledge to identify and manage privacy issues, then the risk of a privacy breach is almost inevitable. This could result in an Order from Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, and in a loss of confidence in your organization’s privacy practices.

To help providers prevent and manage privacy breaches, we have developed a completely customized Privacy Training Workshop for any number of participants. Our In-person or Web-based training will provide all of your staff with the knowledge-base and tools they need to manage privacy issues. Training is developed specific to each organization’s information and privacy practices and will include:

  • An explanation of the basic principles of PHIPA
  • A review of your organization’s own privacy policies and practices
  • A review of the pitfalls in managing PHI
  • A summary of what frontline workers need to know to ensure their organization is PHIPA-compliant
  • Scenarios, based on real-life cases, which we will work through with your staff
  • Practical answers to questions from staff and management
  • A summary of the presentation for each staff member to refer to on an on-going basis.
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