Workplace Violence and Harassment

What Health Care Providers Need to Know

With amendments to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers (including healthcare facilities) have new and increased obligations to protect workers from the hazards of workplace violence and harassment. These duties include:

  • Providing information, instruction and supervision to workers to protect their health and safety
  • Implementing and following a written Health and Safety Policy and a Policy on workplace violence
  • Addressing violence from all possible sources including clients, workers and even domestic/intimate partners

Health care providers working in the mental health sphere have to take special care to comply with their fiduciary and professional obligations to clients (including to protect their privacy) while also protecting workers from workplace violence. This workshop will educate staff on their (sometimes competing) obligations and management of same. We can also assist health care providers in complying with their obligations to undertake workplace assessments and to provide training to their workers in order to comply with the new legislation.


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